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Searching for a new car online

Is it time to buy a new car? One of the best ways to find it is to use the internet – but it helps to know a few useful tips before you get started.

The Art of Allure: Exquisite Erotic Lingerie

If you’re looking to add a bit of glamour to your love life, try celebrating the beauty of your body by dressing it in unashamedly provocative undergarments that are sure to stimulate the senses and set pulses racing. Instigate a little rough and tumble by showing off your best assets in exquisite, erotic lingerie that guarantees good times ahead. To make life a bit easier here are a few hints and tips on what to wear to flatter your shape and ensure you feel your beautiful best.

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Smart people plan ahead

Whether you are experiencing hard times or in the midst of a money-flush, it is always a good idea to plan for the future – because who knows what it may bring.

Say yes to car credit and drive away on new wheels

When you want to purchase a new vehicle for whatever reason there are some very important factors to consider before deciding, from timing and making the right choice to how you’re going to finance the deal.

Discover more about London’s landmark buildings

London’s architecture could never be accused of being dull. From the historic landmarks of Big Ben and The Tower of London, to the more modern London Eye and Millennium Dome, there’s plenty to appreciate.

Mortgages: More Than Just a ‘dead pledge’

Most people in the UK are familiar with the word mortgage; but how many know exactly what the word means and how mortgages work?

The word mortgage is derived from the French language and literally means “dead pledge”. It was based on the fact that early mortgages were settled upon death, at which point the obligation to the lender ended – either because it was fulfilled or the property was repossessed.

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Why you must visit the Blackpool illuminations

Above everything else, the seaside town of Blackpool is famous for its illuminations. Here’s why you don’t want to miss out on them.

Things to Consider in buying a Dog House

Your house is the best shelter for your pet dog. However, if you are no longer comfortable with your dog inside your house and sometimes is not possible to share the space with your dog, a dog house would be an option.

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Don’t be dismayed by the credit crunch

In times of economic slowdown it’s easy to get dragged down by the drudgery of credit crunch conditions. There is always something you can do in order to improve your own credit situation so don’t lose faith just yet.

Is Praying Supposed To Be Fun?

Yes, If You Use Your Own Prayer Language.

Do you struggle praying daily?
I did. For years.
But no matter what I felt, I prayed anyway. That was the “teaching” and “rule” for good Christians like me.
So each day, I went into my room and talked to God.
30 minutes, I was taught. So 30 minutes I did.
Some days, it was Ok.
Some days, it was like being root-canalled.
Or lipo-suctioned. (Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve never experienced it, but my friends tell me it’s torture.)
During those difficult days of prayer, every part of me wanted to get out of that room. I felt so dry. So empty. So distant from God.
And I didn’t know why. Why did I feel so depressed?
I simply concluded it was the spiritual dryness that saints experienced regularly (Ahem.) I read that St. Therese of Avila had spiritual dryness that lasted for 20 years. Who was I to complain?
Until I stumbled upon what I now call “Prayer Language”.
Today, I realize that perhaps many people’s spiritual dryness come from simply not loving themselves. How? By not respecting their own personality, not listening to their needs, and not using their own prayer language.

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