Unknown Artist, Prema LaNay, Gets Royalty Treatment from Music Mogul

For many new artists seeking for a record deal, the idea of placing their ink onto a contract directly between a major distribution label and themselves may be far fetched, to say the least. Just like this world turns devoid of any effort from us, people are simultaneously positioned here with certain abilities to further along progress in certain studies. These predestined beings can be seen in history as the cycles of music give in the new wave of innovators. So if anyone would be granted direct access to companies without the presentation provided by a smaller one, it would be the music revolutionary.

The same person to distinguish the gifts of Eminem, Stevie Nicks, and Gwen Stefani was prompted to state what he observed contained by Prema LaNay. “You are the next sound of music,” the new artist was told with not a blink of the music mogul’s eye. As Dr. Dre introduced Eminem’s tape to Jimmy Iovine, Cee Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley delivered on a cd. Just in a matter of a couple months before that night, Green was asked to hear music that a petite Georgia peach passionately grew over the years before. Once Cee Lo played the voice of the songwriter turned vocalists, Iovine took a quick look at her image and requested her to be flown out to the Santa Monica office. During a 5 day stay, LaNay was provided the label’s recording studio, given her choosing from some of Dr. Dre’s selection of artworks to work with, and sat in for a few of the co-founder’s meetings together with other potential talent. As the talents sat adjacent to Jimmy, they complimented the work of Prema, who did not know how these individuals previously knew her.

Many have heard Prema LaNay’s music as it was transferred from Iovine’s office, to the car, and so on. Close friends such as, music producer, Polow Da Don were being told from their Interscope acquaintance about this new musical find. Right after her visit, LaNay sealed her direct deal to the major distributor. A direct deal was granted for the fact that, as an artist, no independent label molded her project. For the few years before, Prema had hunted for sounds and through distinctive “beat makers” and studios developed herself as an artist, amid advice from entertainment friends.

Now what seems a blessing is also another challenge for an artist from a city where most entertainment companies are more accustomed to developing their artists then respecting them as business partners. Back in Atlanta, Prema found herself to be “over-qualified” for the majority hip-hop tailored independent labels within arms reach. It was hoped by Interscope that an independent label would respect what they did of the artist that would mainly just need strategic marketing services more than artist development in a deal. She finds her music and creates classic hits in studios with just an engineer. The complete concept is already in her head from the beginning. After her most recent project was completed, she also composed storyboards and detailed narratives of 10 videos ready for shooting. Even though, the major label signed her directly due to her formation of the project, compensation was given to Radiculture Records in hopes to aid with the exposure of Prema. With no contractual agreement to do so, Prema was left to search for for outside assistance.

Instead of shaping an artist, the opportunity seemed to good to be true for most. The opportunity being that an artist signed and endorsed by a major needs nothing more than a business team now. Instead of partnering with a major distributor with her as nothing more than their artist or hoping to sell her to them, an independent would only have to the partnership with Prema who has already partnered with the major.

So, the missing piece of the puzzle is finding the small company ready to expose a product that is automatically promised.

[From a partner of mine, Tim Scholts, UK]

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