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Illinois Nursing Home Injury Attorneys

Nursing home neglect and abuse occurs more often than most of us prefer to imagine. Currently in the United States, there are well over one million nursing home residents. This number is only expected to further increase in the future. Nursing homes across the country make billions of dollars every year for attending to elderly patients in exchange for social security and other benefits.  But unfortunately, not all nursing homes have a very good record when it comes to actually delivering the adequate care that they are paid to administer.

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Product Liability Injury

When a product is produced, the manufacturer is responsible for making sure their product is designed and manufactured safely. If it is not safe, and someone becomes injured, then the manufacturer is responsible for all of the personal injuries and damages that result. In such an event, one should contact Illinois personal injury attorneys affiliated with a reputable law firm to litigate cases involving products liability. Most law firms handles claims throughout the State of Illinois .

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Auto Accident Injury Attorneys

When an auto accident has occurred in Illinois, time is of the essence. A knowledgeable Illinois injury attorney should be immediately contacted to ensure that the injured person’s rights are promptly protected. It may be necessary to take witness statements, take photographs of the accident scene, or preserve accident evidence before it is destroyed. An Illinois injury attorney with this type of experience helping injured victims across Illinois is vital to receiving proper legal representation.  Such injury attorneys will generally advance all legal costs and will not charge an attorney fee unless a monetary settlement or recovery is made.

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Traumatic Brain Injury – Illinois

Brain injury is damage to the brain caused by any physical trauma or prolonged lack of oxygen. Traumatic brain injury may also be referred to as intracranial injury. Some of the major causes of TBI are accidents or blunt trauma of any type. Such an impact may lead to permanent disability or in some circumstances, the death of the victim.

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