7 Brochure Development Tips for Smarter Work

Let me help you work smarter and faster when it comes to color brochure printing. If you want to really save time and effort in brochure printing, you have to be systemic with your development process.

In addition, it is important for you to gather or create your own tools to make sure that the printing and design process runs smoothly. I will teach you how to do all this with the seven tips listed below.

Let me get you started first with brochure templates.

1. Create or use your own brochure templates – It is smart to create and use your own templates. Templates are great time savers since a lot of the mundane layout and design process have already been set and saved in them. You will be able to create designs faster with templates, while at the same time helping to make your design more suited. You can easily get templates from your desktop publishing application or a free download from the Internet. So when possible work smartly in printing, designing and creating by using your own templates.

2. Know the software layout shortcuts – Another simple way to make your work smarter and faster is to know the software layout shortcuts. I know it might sound very simple, but knowing the keyboard shortcuts in your software application can indeed build up to get you extra time savings. Knowing the shortcuts for bold, italic effects, image free transform, scaling, cutting and other formatting commands have been proven to cut design time by 10-40%. So learn those shortcuts and try to apply them. You will be surprised at how fast you can design a proper color brochure.

3. Create your own style settings for text and images – In terms of style, it is also a good idea to create and save your own style settings for text and images to help you work smartly. If you look at most up to date desktop publishing applications today, you will notice that there are preset formatting styles for different but common text and image elements. For example, some applications have preset styles for titles, headings and the body text.

In many applications, you can also save your own style settings. By creating your own style, you can easily apply a common design theme to large areas of your document. So for example, you can easily set the formatting for different headings easily by just changing the style settings. In the old way, you would have to do the formatting changes one by one. With custom styles, you can paste the style information you want to many parts of the document all at once.

4. Create your own theme color palette – It is also good for you to create your own theme color palette. This helps you establish the only colors that you can use to maintain a certain theme that you want. Many software applications will allow you to do this, making for a fast and easier time designing with specific color schemes.

5. Be an expert keyboard typist – Another way to make the process fast is for you to just be an expert keyboard typist. You will be amazed to know that many people still cannot type effectively using touch alone. Other people are still using the single finger method as they poke each key one by one to develop the content. If this happens, the time it takes to develop the output increases since delays are inevitable with slow typing. So make sure you teach yourself to be an expert that keyboard timing and create that content fast.

6. Gather first then layout – A good practice to do that will help to have quicker and smarter printing and designing process is to gather all the information and design elements first and then do your layout. This process is faster than starting the layout first and gathering materials later. Most experts use this work process since it does help streamline the steps quite well. So try to work smart and gather all the raw design elements first before starting the layout earnestly.

7. Take short breaks – Finally, do not be afraid to take short breaks in designing. Breaks an integral part in the design and printing process since this clears and resets the mind for a better time in designing after the break. So make sure you take a 5-minute break any time you feel tired. It can go a long way.

Great! Now nothing will stop you in printing brochures quickly and smartly.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in color brochure printing or brochure printing industry that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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