Additional Design Elements Your Brochures Might Benefit From

A basic design for color brochure printing is already enough to succeed at communicating essential marketing messages and other kinds of information. There are, however, certain additional design elements that your project might benefit from.

Let me give you five other additional elements that you might become interested in inserting to your color brochures. Many expert designers use these elements in improving their color brochure designs.

1. Borders (both traditional and non-traditional) – Primarily, borders are a great additional design elements. In one hand, borders are great framers and dividers. You can effectively divide sections, images and other design elements to a proper layout to make it more appealing.

Moreover, borders are a great way to enhance and improve the design theme for brochure printing. By choosing the appropriate style of brochure border, you can add an elegant, modern or exotic look, just because of the border style. So make sure to try to see if borders can be used in your brochures.

2. Text boxes – Now, it is also a known fact that many expert brochure designers use text boxes. Additional text boxes at a layout may have several uses. For one, it can be a venue for featuring certain parts of the main text, much like a teaser or commercial. Moreover, text boxes can also be used as information boxes that insert important information and arguments within the body text itself. Finally, text boxes can be venues for testimonials, call to action elements and even quick information snippets that help people to understand and respond to the copy more. That is why it is also a great investment to use text boxes in your brochure printing.

3. Section dividers and borders – If you want to add that extra detail element, or maybe establish and improve the theme more completely, a good design element that you can insert to your layout are section dividers and borders. Dividers and borders not only help in the overall layout. They also help establish a certain style that reinforces your main theme. Therefore, if you do need some good dividers for your content and would want to be more impressive with your design, then you might want to add some additional design dividers and borders.

4. Header and footer elements – Another good additional element that you may want to add are header and footer elements. The area above and below a typical panel (within the margins) can be a good place to add extra information. By adding a special design into your header and footer and then printing important information such as telephone numbers and other contact information, your header or footer can use the space effectively to get more people to respond to the brochure. Therefore, if you have a bit of a crowded text and need to add some space for extra content, you should consider adding headers and footers.

5. Brochure pockets – Finally, a great additional feature is the use of pockets. Much like the pockets in a pocket folder, a brochure “pocket” is a wonderful way to enhance the functions. You can use these pockets to carry additional content such as small flyers, coupons, business cards etc. readers will be surprised at this quaint and memorable tactic, giving your outputs a slight edge on reader impact. Thus, you should try to consider adding pockets as well if possible.

So? Why not try out these additional elements for brochure printing and design? It might just give the benefits and advantages that you need for your color brochures.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in color brochure printing or brochure printing industry that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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