The 7 Rules in Writing Content for a Vacation Brochure

Do you think that writing content for a color brochure is easy? Well, it is not, especially if you want to create a specific kind of brochure, such as a vacation brochure.

There are rules that you have to follow to make sure that the brochure printing goes off well – with effectively written content. Let me layout for you all these rules in writing content for a vacation brochure in this article. I hope that this would give you a good framework for writing effective messages.

1. Adopt a positive and energetic style – One of the rules in writing is to try to adopt a positive and energetic style. You are not making an awareness or a corporate brochure here. You are creating something that needs readers to get excited about travelling and going on a vacation. Therefore, it is important that the style of writing is a little bit less formal, positive and energetic. Use some great adjectives in the descriptions and try to be visual and emotional with the writing. This rule should set the mood right.

2. Use key powerful words for impact – Now, another important rule in writing is to use key powerful words for impact. The words of course will vary for different travel destinations, but the keywords should be related and descriptive of what people can expect and should want in their travel destination.

For example, for a beach destination, good and powerful keywords would be sun, golden sands, cool azure waters, secluded, relaxing, etc. You must litter your composition with these key words so that readers will be engaged and respond. This makes for an effective and powerful brochure with text that has impact.

3. Create different sections with topics that matter – Now, in terms of the text layout, it is important to write in different sections with topics that matter. Divide your written text content into several detail sections for accommodations, amenities, special features, business details, travel details etc. This must all be compartmentalized and organized so that people can switch to the information they need easily and quickly. So make sure that you organize and outline your text content well.

4. Use headings to attract readers – Since you are dividing your written content into sections, it is also an important rule to use headings to attract readers. Headings can organize your text content effectively since they act as both dividers and labels. They can divide different sections of interest and of course, they tell readers what their section is all about. This can help readers zero in on the information they want quickly without having to read all the initial content.

5. List down details for people to remember – Another good rule to practice in is to list down details. Lists are always easier for people to remember than paragraphs. Using lists are effective since people will be able to retain information from the brochures if they have such lists. So if possible, list down certain information.

6. Be short and concise – Also, always try to be short and concise with your written content for printing brochures. No one wants to read a long content, it just gets boring. Try to write all the information you need as short and concise as possible. Trust me, this will help a lot.

7. Be perfect with your spelling and grammar – Finally, a mark of a professional brochure printing is perfect spelling and grammar. So make sure that you check your designs three or more times to be sure that all the written text is perfect. You do not want to sound like an amateur vacation spot with bad spelling and grammar.

Those are the seven rules in writing content. Keep these in mind so that your travel brochure would have the text it needs to sound great and be successful.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in color brochure printing or brochure printing industry that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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