The Earths Geomagnetism its Outcome on Human Behaviour

The emotional mood of groups of human beings has always been of interest to researchers and psychologists. We are starting to learn that the single human conscience when brought together as a group acts as a group conscience, and is really mirroring activity occurring on the earth and the sun. Science is starting to show that we are all part of a unified group collective, with our emotions governed by solar and earth activity. As we begin to learn more about our earth and the suns relationship to it, we really are learning more about our relationship with one another. Behavior in groups is reflected in large scale events such as weddings, seminars, conventions etc.

No two days are ever the same for any event that takes place. This has a major impact on planning, holding events, sales and advertising, seminars, fundraising and other events where a large group of people get together. We’ve all had times where a party, fundraiser or other group event turned out poorly and yet we hold the party a different day, everything works out perfect. Science is now starting to prove that the general mood of the population is being governed by two major factors; the amount of geomagnetic activity taking place on the earth and the amount of activity coming from the sun. Not all active solar activity is negative, at the right times, this activity can be a major boost to mankind in general. Examples of this in earth’s previous history demonstrate that at peak sunspot cycles, major scientific discovery and achievements have occurred. Alternatively increased solar activity has been shown to make people irritable and decrease the overall well being of the population. It is the delicate balance between the earths geomagnetism and negative ions in the air that account for whether these levels of activity are going to be positive or negative in nature. We all know the positive benefits that negative ions provide, both for health and well being. These negative ions also occur naturally around the earth and at certain times are more increased and at other times their levels are lower.

The new science starting to describe and interpret the behavior of humans based on the earth and sun’s behavior is known as the Behavioral Response. By using software algorithms, science is now starting to find the perfect balance of negative ions, the right level of earth’s geomagnetic activity and the future amount of activity the sun will project onto the earth and create a forecastable index. Just as satellites have forecast systems warning of future dangerous electrons that can destroy communications systems, a Behavioral Response Indice warns of days where holding large events or seminars would be unadvisable due to the solar and geomagnetic climatic conditions occurring on that date. This can have a major impact on industry, education and society as a whole. It can boost productivity by allowing a more smoother flow of ideas and innovations to occur at seminars, conventions etc. It can create a stimulating and positive atmosphere for attendees and improve morale for public speakers and other exhibitors who speak at corporate events, venues and other events. We already use weather forecasting and space weather forecasting to plan ahead, on the horizon is behavioral response forecasting.

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