Advantages of Implementing Barcode Systems for Asset Management

Employing a barcode system for asset management helps to better streamline asset tracking, control and counting by automating the entire asset lifecycle. Mobile and fixed assets are vital resources that ensure efficient functioning of business processes and organization profitability. Implementing a barcode asset management system helps in optimal asset utilization and eliminating theft, damage, and downtime of assets. The barcoded asset tags or asset labels are used with barcode scanners to accurately access information such as date of purchase, warranty, maintenance, etc.

Using a barcode asset management system reduces human error and increases accuracy.
Immediate Access to Asset Location
A barcode asset management system can help organizations to effectively track and manage their assets. Once crucial information about the assets is stored in the database, it becomes easy to track assets by location, update the records, track further movement, and maintain service histories. As an asset management system provides capability to track asset by location, it becomes easier to find the present location of the asset quickly.

Provides High Level of Data Integrity
Implementing a barcode asset management system ensures a high level of data integrity as data loss due to human error is negligible. The data integrity and consistency is maintained as data from asset tags is electronically read by a barcode scanner. Unlike a manual system of asset management prone to human error, data loss, and data redundancy, the barcode asset management system ensures high data integrity as computer errors are much less.

Increases Efficiency
Organizations can experience improved business process efficiency achieved through faster and accurate data capture, automation of asset lifecycle process, and reduced human error. The barcode asset label applied to assets makes it easy to track the assets, know their location, and update the database, thereby increasing efficiency of asset lifecycle management.

Lowers Costs
A barcode asset management system helps to improve the efficiency of business processes, optimize asset performance, and integrate them effectively in the business process thereby reducing the operational costs. Efficient inventory tracking helps to reduce the excessive or obsolete inventory thereby saving carrying costs. Improved efficiency of asset management leads to greater return on investment on assets and more savings for organizations.

Deliver Goods Faster
The improved efficiency of business processes brought about by a barcode asset management system also produces better customer service by providing goods and services at faster rate. The barcode system ensures seamless integration with work processes thereby increasing the speed of delivery of goods and services.

Increases Accuracy
A barcode asset management system can capture and handle large volumes of data and store it in the database for future use. As the data is captured electronically, the accuracy of entire asset lifecycle management increases.

Inventory Visibility
Inventory visibility is necessary for better functioning of organizations and to reduce the operational costs of maintaining the inventory. A barcode asset management system helps to efficiently manage inventory allowing greater visibility into current stock level status and reduce inventory carrying costs. The inventory that is obsolete or excessive can be removed.

A barcode asset management systems help organizations leverage their assets and resources to achieve operational excellence, gain higher ROI, and increase their bottom line profits. Organizations can keep track of their assets for better resource utilization, productivity, maintenance, and extend asset life.

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