Let Your Personality Shine Through

For the small business owner, every little thing is going to count.

You have to be aware of every opportunity for effectively marketing yourself and your company. If you don’t have the budget for the huge marketing campaigns it makes the little forms of marketing even more important.

Too often people overlook one of the most simplistic and potentially effective forms of marketing: the business card.

I doubt there are very many business owners out there who haven’t invested some of their time and money into business card printing. You simply have to have a business card if you want to get people to remember you, which mean you probably already know you’re going to have to spend money on business card printing.

Remember that everything is going to be a reflection of who you are, and in turn a reflection of the business you run. What kind of business cards are you making? Are they the standard, basic design without any real thought or personality?

An effective graphic design business card is always going to be remembered better than the basic format. People want to see something different, something that will surprise them when they’re least expecting it. The second you’re able to surprise them you’ll be on your path to being remembered years down the line.

Try to think of a design that not only represents your company but that says something about you as well. This is your custom business card. Make something you can proudly hand to people. Make something you just know will get conversations started.

The varieties in graphic design business cards are only limited to your own imagination. Just think about all that white space you normally see on a business card and ask yourself how you can improve upon it.

For those freelancers out there, it becomes even more important that your business card reflects your personality. After all, you’re trying to sell yourself to people, not a product.

Try to find a design that fits your particular business or industry. Just remember that the word custom should be the most important one in custom business cards.

The only information you need to make sure you always have is your basic contact information and company name in a place people can easily read. Beyond those details just have fun with your card. This is, after all, a form of marketing, something many people fail to remember.

Next time you plan on putting in an order for some new business cards consider taking a little extra time to make your card a memorable one. It will cost a little more, but the added benefits of a great card will be well worth the price.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of developments in graphic design business cards, business card printing, custom business cards industry.

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