Use of Barcodes in Supply Chain Management

Barcodes have influenced almost every aspect of Supply Chain Management. The use of barcodes makes business integration processes in supply chain management simpler and more efficient. Barcodes are an effective identification tool that helps track products and greatly reduce errors. Barcode technology has a range of advantages such as being affordable, easy to handle, and accurate. These advantages make barcodes widely used in supply chain management and accepted across the world.

Cut Costs Incurred In Maintaining High Inventory Levels
Employing barcode technology in inventory practices enables timely and accurate information that helps to operate with greater warehouse efficiency and lower inventory on hand. Using barcodes along with the Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory method allows companies to estimate precisely when they run out of stock and proactively place orders with suppliers to replenish stock levels. Thus, barcodes reduce the dependence on huge buffer stocks.

Facilitates Quality Control
Compromising on internal quality processes is not negotiable to get quality output, and this rule holds true across all industries. Barcodes reassure the quality of the products manufactured by maintaining vital information such as identification, location, and tracking products’ movement until they are dispatched. Moreover, barcodes capture information such as timelines, serial numbers, materials used, and other critical information. Once a defect is found in a product of a particular batch, barcodes enable quick identification of the affected units. Manufacturers can also use barcodes to record information regarding destination to ensure supply quality is maintained properly.

Higher Returns on Investment
The investment made in barcode technology is paid back in less time than most technologies that attempt to improve business processes. Quality information captured by barcodes enables tighter supply chain and established business processes. Thus, barcode technology provides a good value and gives high return on investment for businesses.

Cost Efficiency
Large-scale use of barcodes in supply chain management results in significant costs saving. This is achieved by reduced error levels, increased visibility, and labor reduction. Improved labor efficiencies are a significant contributor to overall cost savings delivered through barcodes. Barcodes are often implemented in businesses for three main reasons: to improve data management, accessibility, and to reduce costs.

Implementing barcodes has proven to be the most cost-efficient solution in supply chain management. With constant innovations in supply chain technology, such as 2D barcodes and RFID, barcodes are being used in a large scale to maximize efficiency and quick ROI.

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