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New Style of Painting the Canvas

Indian art is of great essential significance in harmony to its civilization and legacy.
Art is a mixture of different types and styles; it modifies its phases, as the paint brush comes in the hands of diverse painters belonging to wide areas in world, having different background, sense of style.

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Portrait Oil Painting from photo

Oil Painting is our specialty. You might Have photo of a special occasion , a family wedding or a dream holiday, a school or nursery photo,etc. .All can be transformed by an artist  into  original art that you will be proud to hang in your home. All you need is a good clear image large enough to show the features clearly for transferring from your photograph to a stunning portrait painting.We have wide selection of professional portrait artists to finish out your paintings.

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Find art-lovers in Santorini island, Greece

Are you looking for wealthy individuals that really love to collect classic art and paintings? And you as an art manager want any of them to offer some obra maestro of your friend.
Come to Santorini Island in Greece and visit a luxury hotel Santorini. There you might find rich people that truly love art and architecture. They visited that Greek island because of their fascination in history itself. You may even know how they traveled that far, from continent to continent just to keep in touch and reach the Greek country that has a very wonderful historical background aside from being a great city in the world.

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Picture Blankets- A perfect gift for any occasion

If you’ve dreamed of purchasing a great gift for many different occasions or the gift of a lifetime, it is likely that the gift you selected isn’t as personalized as you wished it would be. A picture blanket would be the perfect gift that would likely meet your needs and also a personalized picture blanket will truly become unique gift to be gifted for your friends, near and dear ones.

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