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FAC Wins Bermuda Innovation Award

First Atlantic Commerce wins Bermuda Government’s Coveted Innovation of the Year Technology Award

FAC honored for creatively using technology as a tool to innovate the e-commerce industry

Hamilton, Bermuda. April 30, 2008. First Atlantic Commerce Ltd. (FAC), a leading international, multi-currency payment and risk management solutions provider, last week won the Bermuda Governments Ministry of Telecommunications & E-Commerces Innovation of the Year award for FACs online Consumer Authentication solutions.

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Advantages to Using Credit Cards with Reward Programs

Using credit cards wisely is part of an overall financial plan that should include budgeting, savings/investment, debt management and insurance. In your economic life, money is “fungible,” meaning that all these areas are interconnected, and a dollar saved in one area can be spent in another. It all comes out of one “pot,” so to speak, so any time you reach into that pot for more than is budgeted, you will affect your entire financial plan.

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