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Current Accounts: More Interest Than A Mattress!

Amusing anecdotes abound about people stuffing money into mattresses or placing it in other hiding places rather than trust it to a bank or building society. But, does this method of saving really offer more security that putting the money away securely?

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Investments in Private Equity: a boon for investors

In real estate, private equity remains impartial. When the deal goes in hands of privatization it becomes more specific in spite when it was under the government. It is not necessary that every time this thing happens but with observational studies it has been retrieved that privatization has provided the equity to the real estate investments. Nowadays, people like to make their investments in real estate instead of any banks or other investment companies. This is because it is a long term investment source and when it comes to private equity it becomes more reliable.

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The Wisdom Of Saving Regularly

Good ideas are hard to come across but easy to recognize; they make sense, seem appropriate and are not terribly difficult to put into practice. Deciding to transfer a sum of money to your savings account on a regular basis is one such good idea; its relative simplicity matched only by its long term importance.

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“Fosse Financial” – Foreign Investment in China Up

Fosse Financial, Italy – foreign investment in China surges by almost 40% as Chinese economy booms!

According to sources, “Fosse Financial” of Italy recently reported that foreign investment in China had risen by nearly 40% in the last month.

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