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Koozies make the perfect party favor

Planning parties is never an easy task, and carrying out your plans to perfection is much tougher. There are two kinds of people when it comes down to parties. The first category of people is the one which takes great pride in the fact that they get included in a low population group called the perfect host or hostess. They give out fabulous parties which everyone seems to enjoy. Then there is the second category which absolutely dreads the one mile long to-do list including the very laborious tasks of choosing a cake along with its trim and frosting, sending out stylishly designed invitations in huge numbers and in time too, making arrangements for good food, selecting a theme for the party etc. For both these categories, one feature is common almost every single time. It is Koozies and hosts of both kinds know that they can count on it as has got the party favors covered.

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The Making of Absinthe

Absinthe recipes abound in bartender’s literature. Whether you are looking to make a palate-pleasing French absinthe or an astringent version of Spanish absinthe, here are some basic rules — as well as variations on the general theme.

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