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A Touch of Magic: The Future of Oyster’s Contact-Free Technology

It is now second nature to the vast majority of Londoners: walk up to the ticket barrier, wave your hand at the pad, and away you go. It sounds so simple and convenient, yet not many people contemplate the absolute genius of design that allows that tiny card they’re waving to recognise their particular journey from 1.83 million different options, in just one fifth of a second!

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How to Gain Admission to America’s Top Universities

By: Mimi Doe and Dr. Michele Hernandez, Cofounders of Application Boot Camp®

Admission to top U.S. colleges and universities has never been more difficult.

Harvard broke all records in 2008, accepting just 7.1 percent of applicants, while Yale accepted 8.3 percent, Columbia 10 percent, and Princeton 9.3 percent. Brown and Dartmouth accepted 13 percent and 13.2 percent, respectively. Williams, Bowdoin, Middlebury, and Amherst Colleges accepted 16.3 percent, 18.4 percent, 18.3 percent, and 14.2 respectively. Swarthmore College granted admission to a record-low 15 percent, while the University of Pennsylvania admitted 16.4 percent. Boston College admitted a record-low 26 percent of applicants, and Duke reported record selectivity admitting 19 percent. The overall Ivy acceptance rate this past year was 12% — again, an all time low. For students applying from India the odds are even lower.

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Independent Escorts and Visiting London

When you visit a new city for the first time, perhaps on business or simply vacation, it can be a lonely experience. There are many new things to see and experience, but not to many people to see them with. As a result, many people are not able to enjoy their trips as much as they would like because of this loneliness that sets in from being separated from friends by large distances.

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Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and smart computers

Today computers are a vital part in our lives, they help us to make our accounts, manage our businesses even buy our food.
But what can we expect from computers in the future?

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London Escorts and Europe’s Nightlife Capital

London escorts and London’s nightlife scene is the most vibrant and diverse in Europe. It tends to be a trendsetter for other major cities. Not only do the city’s clubs have a great mix of music, they also play regular host to some of the world’s best (and hottest) DJs.  It’s also an ever changing scene, as clubs open and close with regular frequency.  Whatever your musical tastes, be it trance, garage, techno, house, R’n’B or good old fashioned 70s/80s nostalgia, it’s easy to find a venue in which serious fun can be had.  From the pulsating dance-floors of major nightclubs to the chilled intimacy of smaller DJ bars, London has something to offer both hardcore party animals and those looking for a quiet drink and conversation. London nightlife has more to offer than any other large city in the world.  It is world famous for its party vibe and non-stop nightlife and travelers will find that one vacation will hardly have enough nights to explore all that London nightlife includes.  Dance clubs with all types of music, theatre, movies, shopping, pubs, live entertainment, and female escorts and male escorts are all on the menu when the sun goes down. The city of London has five major orchestras. The London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic, the London Philharmonic, the BBC Symphony, and the BBC Philharmonic are the major orchestras, with the Royal Albert Hall as its most famous venue, but there are also smaller music groups and operas to be enjoyed as well.  With all of these groups, there will almost certainly be a classical show to enjoy during your vacation.  London’s West End, is home to theater, musicals, ballet and opera. London theatrical life has more than a dozen West End musicals playing, many with matinees and discounted tickets. Nightlife in London pubs is another popular way to spend an evening.  Sitting near a fireplace, chatting up the locals or enjoying a book can be the perfect end to a long day of sightseeing or shopping.  Some of the world’s oldest pubs can be found in London. Charming pubs with world class beer that have graced the London streets for centuries are a great way to take a peek at another side of life in London.  Many of the pubs are also great places to find a bite to eat, with less expensive fare then some of London’s other restaurants.   Soho, for centuries the heart of London’s nightlife, teems with a glamour aura and thriving gay scene.  The infamous Soho district should be experienced at least once by any visitor purely because of its history and the fact that it is the historic centre of London nightlife. The sex shops for which it once was known are now far less prominent with the trendies slowly taking over with up-market bars and restaurants. It remains however a wonderful mix of chic and trashy! If London night clubs are more your style, there is a lot to choose from.  Most of London’s trendiest night clubs are located in the West End, and London night clubs are constantly coming and going as the trends continue to change. One thing will however remain constant; you will always be able to find a dance club in the city. For the flashy clubs on the West End, expect a dress code and a hefty cover.  Many London night clubs are members-only and tend to be celebrity night clubs. Sightings of famous stars are common at these clubs but entrance will come at a price (sometimes hundreds of pounds!).   London is a work hard – play hard city. As a centre of nightlife and entertainment, this city can really let its hair down. There is a scene for everyone on any night of the week somewhere in the city. Gentlemen’s Clubs, table dancing venues, massage parlors and escort agencies are abundant in this city and it only requires a short internet visit, a single phone call and a few hundred pounds to meet up and enjoy the company of some of the most beautiful international companions this world has to offer. Even though you can find quite a few sleazy places in this town too, just like in any major capital, most adult venues and agencies are of very high quality, secure and are strictly controlled. The best clubs have a strict dress code and on-site security will ensure things do not run out of hand and remain in line with legal and club regulations at all times.  Whatever you are into, you are sure to find it in London! Permission to reprint this article is granted if the article is reproduced in its entirety, without modification, including all information and hyperlinks to London escorts.

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