Keeping In Touch When You Are Abroad

With budget airlines and cheap flights now a common feature of most western societies, the world has become a much smaller and more accessible place than it was for previous generations. As a result, regular holidays, weekend breaks and gap years abroad are on the rise as more people can afford to travel.

The attraction of travelling is obvious. There are so many options available that there is something to please everyone – whether you want to enjoy a holiday in the sun, ski down snowy mountains or simply take the chance to visit another culture, you can easily reach many destinations within a few hours. Wherever you go, you’ll have time and space to get away from the worries of home life and the stress of your job.

It won’t be long before you’re enjoying new foods as you visit landmarks that you’ve only ever seen on postcards or in films or TV before. You’ll start to forge memories that will last a lifetime and you’ll have stories that will make people green with envy.

However, the grass is always greener on the other side. The place you once wanted so desperately to get away from may begin to feel a bit special. If you spend a lengthy amount of time away from your family you’ll start to find yourself pining for home comforts. Whether it’s your mum’s cooking, your dad’s bad jokes or just a decent cup of tea, after a time there’ll always something that makes you wish you could be at home.

Calling home from abroad, to chat to either family or friends, can be costly from a pay phone or a hotel telephone and if you’re already on a tight budget it’s an expense that you probably won’t want to add to your outgoings too often. Luckily, whilst budget airlines and their destination lists are growing so too are the services that the internet offers.

As well as simple text chats offered by online messengers you can also get software that enable you to make free calls, both to other computers and to phone lines. This lets you have much more personal chats than typical instant messengers allow and hearing a familiar voice can be a great comfort when you’re in an unusual environment.

It’ll also give you the chance to brag about everything you’ve been to see and do and catch up on all the gossip from back home. You may not be able to taste your mum’s famous roast, but being able to keep in touch with her while you’re away is a fair substitute.

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