Resell Rights – What They Are And What You Need To Know

No matter what you buy these days you can be assured that it comes with specific rights of protection for the owner, and most often creator, of the specific product. Since the digital world began more and more emphasis has been put on our understanding of these rights. Since the age of peer-to-peer sharing extreme initiative has been made to protect those rights. Because of these struggles people have been made more aware of the attachment of rights to products and the penalties for supporting their misuse.

Many products come with a Personal Use Only clause. This is a specific unsigned contract between you and the seller which indicates that your purchase is specific to your needs. Under this clause you may not, at any time, distribute this product to anyone else. Less often, you may find products such as ebooks or software with a Give Away clause. This allows you to add a download link to your website in which you can give away the product freely. You can find this clause often associated with demo or trial software.

The ability to change a certain product and attach your name to it can only be done if the product has Branding Rights. In fact, some of these products may come with a rebranding software so that you can easily accommodate that desire. Standard Resale Rights allow you to purchase a product and redistribute it keeping 100% of the cost. However, these particular rights may come with specific restrictions such as a specified cost of resale. Master Resale Rights differ from this because they not only allow you to resell the product but you can also resell the rights.

Private Label Rights are even more accommodating. These rights are very specific. With the products involved with these terms you may alter them in any way you see fit to suit your needs, combine it with another product and then redistribute it under your own name. However, many items sold in this way may come with specific restrictions and the buyer needs to be aware of these terms before attempting to use them for their own needs.

We are fortunate to have so much access to expanding thoughts and ideas. Reselling is an interesting way to propose this ideal. However, we must be aware that this is a privilege and should never be taken upon in an abusive nature. Understanding the seller’s rights and appreciating them will continue to allow this method of branching out to continue in a productive and responsible manner.

Consumers must also be aware that the above mentioned “rights” are not be confused with those involved in specific copyright. A copyright is a branding which prohibits any of the resell terms listed above. This brand gives the creator specific rights to the product and his/her limit of control must be meant. It’s not unlikely that specific owners may implement their rights under the headings above but consumers must take caution in using the appropriate actions with products to which they purchase. It’s not only a matter of law, it’s a matter of respect.

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