Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Heals, Soothes and Comforts

Hemorrhoids are a painful, itchy and embarrassing condition that plagues half of men and women by the time they reach 50. The search for effective hemorrhoid treatments can be time-consuming for those who suffer from hemorrhoids, but there are options, including the all-natural ClearMed oral supplement guaranteed for 60 days and helps shrink, heal and soothe hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are an unpleasant condition characterized by swollen veins in the anal canal. Hemorrhoids form for many reasons including constipation, pregnancy, liver disease weight gain, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, prolonged sitting and standing and heredity. Fortunately, there are hemorrhoid treatments for people dealing with the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Simple changes can lessen the chance a person develops hemorrhoids in the first place.

A major way to alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms is to make lifestyle changes. Minimizing ice cream, soft drinks, cheese, white bread and red meat and increasing the amount of fiber in one’s diet makes a big difference. Adding at least eight glasses of water to one’s diet and maintaining an active lifestyle are part of a successful hemorrhoid treatments. Green leafy vegetables are another excellent way to avoid hemorrhoids.

Once dietary changes have been made, look at other ways to incorporate hemorrhoid treatments into day-to-day living. Jobs that require sitting may contribute to hemorrhoids, so it’s important to stand and walk during break times and shift frequently in one’s chair throughout the day to relieve rectal pressure. Remember to also breath out when lifting heavy items or straining and it may be helpful to avoid sitting in an awkward position on the toilet,

Another simple and inexpensive hemorrhoid treatment is a Sitz bath. . Taking a Sitz bath requires filling a bathtub with a few inches of warm water and soaking in it for 15 minutes several times a day. The warm water relaxes the sphincter muscle and soothes the pain associated with hemorrhoids. It is also important to thoroughly dry the area after taking a sitz bath. There are other more dramatic hemorrhoid treatments such as topical over-the-counter medications to surgical removal.

There are natural solutions for those dealing with hemorrhoids and ClearMed is a popular choice. The main ingredient in ClearMed hemorrhoid treatment is Witch Hazel Leaf, which forms walls against infection and stops bleeding which is crucial in hemorrhoid treatment. Many people with bleeding, internal and external hemorrhoids start to see improvement in five to seven days and much to the delight of customers, ClearMed is guaranteed for 60 days

About Advanced Health Consultants: The Florida-based Advanced Health Consultants sells hemorrhoid treatment herbal remedies and dietary supplements. The ClearMed hemorrhoid treatments come with a 60-day guarantee and promises to soothe and heal hemorrhoids. The company can be contacted at 727-328-0859 or by e-mail at Correspondence can be addressed to Advanced Health Consultants, P. O. Box 530007, St. Petersburg, FL, 33747

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