Getting the big sexy hair look

A very popular look recently is big hair, the bigger the better in fact. To get the look isn’t that hard but there is a process you need to follow to get it right. The hair style is based on getting the most volume possible out of your hair to get it as big as it can be. So that means combing and drying together with the right products.

To begin you will need to wash your hair. Use a shampoo that is proven to boost the volume of your hair. Once washed loosely tie it up while leaving the bottom layers hanging loose. Take a brush and use it on the bottom layers left hanging. As you are doing this dry the hair with a hair dryer from root to tip. There is a brand of shampoos called Sexy Hair which have a dedicated range called big sexy hair which has shampoos and conditioners dedicated to the big hair look.

As you are drying your hair add in Sexy hair root pump which will boost the volume of your hair. While you are drying the hair let your hair fall down and massage the roots at the same time to add more lift. Brush the hair and then when the brush has reached the bottom of the hair curl hold it there for fifteen seconds. Do this with all of your hair until it is all dried.

After you have done that take a handful of hair and curl it up. Do this with another few sections of your hair and spray them all with hairspray. To finish the big hair process hang your hair upside down and spray it all with lots of hairspray. Continue spraying all over once your hair is upright and you’re finished.

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