Hair Colors Have Statements

In times past, hair coloring was one of the many practices of women to cultivate beauty and fashion. The Ancient Egyptians were the first known civilization to have performed this as a part of their embellishment of the body. But hair coloring did not exist for the purpose of aesthetics alone. As culture develops, coloration of the hair has gained different social representations.

In former Greece, where coloring of the hair as part of hair styling, has developed early in their custom. Hair color tells what social class a woman could possibly be identified. Women whose hair were colored red would be recognized as members of the elite group of the nobles, while those who wore their hair blonde would be the middle class. The black-haired women, who were poor, would be labeled as part of the impoverished mass.

However, research on cosmetics were booming. Hair color has become more accessible to a wider population. This broke the elitism between the female members of the upper social class – that hair coloration signified in the past – over those in the lower class. Today, girls who tainted their hair red are viewed as sassy, bold, and aggressive, while those who put on blond color, as introspective. Those who wore brown and black color on the other hand are considered to possess a shiny and bouncy personality but is tempered.

Though various representations of hair color emerged through time, it still remains a fact that the practice of a woman’s beauty and fashion resides, for one, upon how she would have her hair colored, and that her choice of the color would create an effect to her personality. Such is what the persons in the cosmetics industry like the Santa Monica Hair Salon holds true.

For those hairdressers in Santa Monica Salon, they believe that hair color presents its own aura and uniqueness – an aura and uniqueness that may exude from a person’s or a woman’s sense of pride and confidence.

Like others who had already made their choice to color their hair in salons like the Santa Monica Hair Salon, which come highly-trained in hair color application, you might be the next person to decide on a hair color and unleash the aura and uniqueness in you.

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