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Here are my preliminary observations. First, my workout went incredibly fast because I didn’t have to stop and change weight plates between exercises. Other than moving the bars, there was virtually no delay in moving from exercise to exercise. It did take me a few minutes to understand the best positioning for the bars, but that is a one time learning curve issue. Even then, the workout still went faster than with traditional weight machines.

Because the resistance is simulated using an electronic meter to measure the force you are exerting, it is much easier to know how much you are actually lifting, since you don’t have to estimate bar weight variations from exercise to exercise. Before you go off to the health club, gym, running track, or dance floor to gain fitness or muscle, check out these t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, shorts, and other items from Top Prospect Sports. With cool graphics and slogans for your body, your booty, and even your gluts, whether you’re a Workout Animal or Yoga Woman.

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