Some Useful Pieces Of Advice To Treat Hair Dropping Out In The Fall

Everybody knows that all hormonal changes of the organism are increased throughout summer. So, it is reasonable that your hair also grows much faster in this period of time. Nevertheless, being affected by dangerous summer rays hair loses its splendour, it becomes fragile and dry, especially on ends. That is why hair will need a special care as fall begins.

Because of harmful influence of ultraviolet rays, frequent washing and contact with sea water, hair drops out more rapidly at the beginning of autumn than in any other time. If average hair loss makes commonly from 40 up to 70 hairs a day, in the fall these numbers are much higher – from 70 up to 120 hairs a day. Thus, you should give a helping hand to scalp and hair, if you don’t want to face the problem of hair loss. For this purpose the best option is to discuss the issue with your doctor in order to think over a unique plan for treating hair loss specially for your hair. In any case, there are some well-known options to restore your hair at least in some way that can be of help for practically anyone.

First of all, you should sacrifice the ends of your hair. After you have cut off overdried ends that may split and, as a matter of fact, differ in color you will make your hair-do look rather good. An in case hair bulbs are in bad state, it will be easier for them to keep shorter hair and to provide it with vital nutritious elements.

Hair experts recommend to wash hair inclined to fragility with the use of a shampoo diluted with mineral water. And in general it is better to wash and rinse your weakened hair with boiled water, as chlorinated tap water dries up your hair along the full length gradually. Truly, burdock, nettles, almond, nut oil, shampoos are the best option for your dry hair. During grey autumn days it is quite useful to wash out your weak and damaged hair with beer dissolved fifty-fifty with boiled water.

In case your hair is drastically dried out as a result of of hazardous summer rays, take in 3 spoons of corn oil throughout the day. By doing this, you will bring back nice quality and color of your head-skin and hair. Healing masks with vegetables and fruits, saline solution, aloe, honey, work wonders in case of fragile hair.

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