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Rebounding helps bring more oxygen into all of your tissues and organs, increases white and red blood cell production, tones all of your muscles (including facial), helps to increase circulation, and stimulates your metabolism. This adds up to the best fat loss workout while it is proving to be safer than other impact exercises such as jumping rope. To get more of a fat burning effect, try circuit training. This is done by adding 30-60 seconds of aerobic type exercise in between resistance or muscle building exercise such as push ups or squats. A common aerobic exercise used is jumping rope or jogging in place, which can be hard on ankles, feet and knees.

Circuit training as a workout can help increase your fat loss by up to 20%. You can burn more calories and build more fat burning muscle. As you replace traditional exercise such as jogging or jumping rope with rebounding, you not only burn more fat, but you will receive the added benefit of helping your body flush fat, too. This is a true powerful workout to help your body lose fat fast. For more details visit

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