Nice Body Weight Exercises

Butt muscles comprise of Gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Gluteus Maximus is the one of the largest and the strongest muscle in your whole body. You build what you focus upon. When doing the recommended Butt building exercises you need to focus and contract your butt muscles as hard as you can. Tensed muscles recruit more muscles fibers helping build more fibers for your next workout. Perform butt-specific exercises and not merely exercises where butt muscles are used as stabilizers.

Proper stretching using bodyweight exercises is crucial for any butt-building program. Never ignore it. Also stretch thighs and calves as they are prone to muscle-catches in lower body exercises. Plan a specific day for building butt muscles. You can also combine your leg and butt training as a few exercises coincide. There are a lot of fancy Butt exercises but believe me they do nothing but stretch your glutes. The above 4 exercises will build the raw butt muscles which will make you butt look bigger, muscular and toned.

Exercise plays an important role in weight control by increasing energy output, calling on stored calories for extra fuel. Recent studies show that not only does exercise increase metabolism during a workout, but it causes your metabolism to stay increased for a period of time after exercising, allowing you to burn more calories.

If you consume 100 calories a day more than your body needs, you will gain approximately 10 pounds in a year. You could take that weight off, or keep it off, by doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily. The combination of exercise and diet offers the most flexible and effective approach to weight control. For more details visit

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