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The quality of exercise on this product is superb. The use of the power rods for resistance gives this machine a different feel from traditional weight stack multi-gym products. Tension seems to be constant throughout the range of each rep instead of having easy and hard areas typical with other systems or free weights. Unlike free weight systems, the user can simply let go if the exercise gets too hard. Every machine ships with an exercise manual that shows how to perform each exercise along with photographs demonstrating how the exercise looks. Should the manual be misplaced, another can be downloaded over the internet from the website.

This fitness platform allows the user to do a variety of exercises. Unlike the Total Gym, changeover may require re-positioning the bench or changing power rod resistances. There are three basic bench positions with the motivator. Back-raised for benchpress, chest flys and ab crunches, flat for most other activities, and removed for standing raises, curls and leg exercises. Moving the bench is easy, requires the loosening of a locking knob, and pulling another pushpin knob out, then sliding the seat. The power rods are connected to the cables using large hooks, and changing resistance takes just seconds.

The base Motivator unit includes two seperate handles to connect to the power rod cables, making the user exercise both sides of the body equally. Although the handles are mostly not metal, they are very comfortable and seem sturdy, even when using most of the power rods in combination. Some accessory attachments do combine the weight into a single bar.

Another excellent feature of is leg cuff and the leg exercises that can be performed. Without adding the leg attachment, the Motivator allows the athlete to do four or five strength building exercises for the legs. The comfort of the leg cuff is superior to any other product I’ve personally used. It is heavily padded and there is nothing to dig into the leg even when pulling large weights, plus it locks in place on your ankle very well for a Velcro cuff. For more details visit www.soundbodytrainer.com

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