Strong Arms from Exercise

Having strong arms is important to make your day easier, but many people seem to expect their arms to pick up anything and everything without ever making an effort to develop and strengthen the muscles. While you can go through life without building arm muscle, think about how much easier it is when you do. You’ll be able to pick up your child and not worry about being strong enough. Don’t forget about the nice side benefit of having lean, shapely arms.

Building the strength is your arms is an investment in your future health and something that will repay you over and over as you call on your muscles to help you through your day. When it comes to the subject of weight training, many women are frightened off by mental images of bulky female bodybuilders with protruding veins and think that that’s what weight lifting will do for the body. That’s just not so! For one thing, female bodies are not built to develop large, hulking muscles – that’s more for males. When you see a female bodybuilder with muscles similar to her male counterparts, you should know that that’s not natural and requires hours of devotion to exercise and weights.

Some individuals choose to use steroids despite the banned status of the drug within the bodybuilding community, and that further defines and enhances the muscles so they appear larger. That is not what the purpose of strength training; rather, lifting weights challenges and strengthens muscles in order to make them stronger. The stronger your muscles are the better support you will have for your body. Support your body and you cut down on aches and pains, injuries and even possible fractures. Now that you’re no longer concerned about your body bulking up out of proportion, it’s time to think weights.

If you already strength-train you probably have a good set of weights to use, but if you’re just beginning, consider purchasing a basic set of hand weights ranging from 3-10 lbs. These are typically not very expensive and most will come with a rack to use for storage. A major advantage of a set of weights is that you can begin with the lowest weight you need and then work your way up slowly. Buying weights individually means that you’ll have to go back to the store to purchase another set when it’s time for you to increase the weight. For more details visit

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