Main Causes of Cellulite

For many decades, the problem of cellulite has been a subject of vivid public discussion because more than 85% of modern women are affected by cellulite, or orange peel syndrome. Undoubtedly, cellulite is not a new health concern: this problem existed centuries ago. If you watch closely the works of such artists of old times as Peter Rubens or other Baroque painters, who portrayed many Aphrodites of their epoch, you can notice notorious orange peel skin appearance on their thighs or hips. However, nowadays, it is fashionable to be slim and have an athletic body. Therefore, millions of women are looking for effective ways to reduce cellulite. In order to find the right techniques and achieve success, we must learn more about the origins of this problem.

There are three main causes of cellulite:

Cause 1: Heredity. Genetic predisposition is a key cause of cellulite. Unfortunately, this problem can be handed down from generation to generation, and knowing that your mother or grandmother had cellulite, you should start looking for ways to prevent it since you are 15-17.

Cause 2. Aging. When we grow older, our skin loses elasticity, lymph and blood circulation slows down, hormonal levels change, and other negative processes start. Moreover, every woman has individual patterns of those changes. That is why cellulite formation is strictly linked to aging, though some young women after 20 can develop this problem as well.

Cause 3. Our life-style. There is a great number of factors connected with our bad habits and sedentary life-style, which also cause cellulite. Those include lack of exercise and physical activities, overweight and obesity, poor diet, constant stresses and worries, bad habits (especially smoking), environmental problems and so on. All these negative behaviors and habits of ours lead to such consequences as slowed down lymph and blood flow, which eventually slow down metabolism and lead to cellulite formation.

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