Goodbye Winter…well nearly!

With spring threatening to emerge and brighten those long winter days, that somehow have seemed longer than ever, and who knows these brighter days ahead may not just be the weather! Generally our thoughts at this time of year migrate to those of the garden, for some it’s the start of the annual clear up and for others it’s often that time of year where conservatory discussions begin!

It is however worth bearing in mind, that once you have decided that to really transform your home a conservatory or an orangery is the only option, time can creep up on you and before you know it, summer my well be over.

Unfortunately deciding on the style of conservatory or orangery or even a contemporary glasshouse can consume vast amounts of time, let alone any other issues. The trick here is to save time by choosing the right conservatory company; this can simply be done by good homework. Always look through a selection of ‘home style’ magazines, look at the larger adverts and the ones that appeal, go online and research their website, pretty pictures are all well and good, but look to see if there are any case studies, or even pricing guides, not all that glitters is necessarily gold and more so with websites. It’s very easy for the smaller companies to appear bigger and promise more than they can deliver, so see if they have a showroom, even if it’s not within easy reach at least it demonstrates a level of investment that most companies are not willing to make. The conservatory company that appeals, phone them up, this way you’ll get a good feel of them, request a brochure and see how long it takes to arrive, after all part of the cost you’ll pay will be for their service. Once you’ve made your mind up and have chosen the two or three companies, anything more than that and you’ll be wasting your time, especially if budget is not the deciding factor, so act fast. These companies will be more than happy to show you some ideas based on their discussions with you, it’s free, so invite them over, again this will help you to choose the company for you. If chosen well, the company that you’ll pick, will offer excellent value for your investment, a design that complements your home and importantly a choice of materials to build in. Most companies only sell one type of material, so if the price is too high, you’ll have to compromise, on your design. Where there is a range of materials to choose, your design can be built using these different materials, leaving your design intact.

Now that you have chosen your conservatory company, set out your deadlines and any concerns you may have, this way you can achieve your goal of having your bespoke conservatory, orangery or contemporary built within three to four months and all being well, still have time to enjoy the summer. Unlike today, it’s raining…still the perfect time to start your search!

Breckenridge offers the most comprehensive choice of conservatory, contemporary extensions and orangeries in a choice of materials as well as a range of pool enclosures, summer houses and windows & doors.

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