Types of Solar Hot Water Cylinder

Using a natural energy resource to heat the water above its initial temperature is a thermodynamic process. This hot water is used for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating. Hot water system must be able to meet the requirements of the whole house. Modern Solar Hot Water Cylinder comes with foam lagging bonded on to the outside of the cylinder. This helps in keep the water hot for a long time. They are available in different shapes and sizes which suit the space available, but the capacity of the cylinder is important. There are different types of Hot Water Cylinder available, all of which basically store and supply hot water, but in different ways.

The 5 main types of cylinder are:

Direct – These types of cylinder only use with Circulators because the water is heated directly with them.

Indirect – They can be used with any type of central heating system. In them water from the central heating goes through a coil of pipe within the cylinder but doesn’t mix with the water in the cylinder.

Primatic (self priming) – They are only used with gravity systems because the water for the central heating is taken from within the cylinder, and is only separated by an air lock.

Thermal Storage – It is a large type of cylinder. It is used were the main cold water is passed through a coil of pipe within the cylinder taking its heat from the thermal storage and supplying the hot taps. The central heating circuit is also taken from the cylinder.

Unvented Cylinder – This water cylinder is same as an indirect cylinder except there isn’t a header tank, and it’s connected directly to the main water supply giving mains water pressure to the hot taps and showers.

Some time Solar Hot Water Cylinder feels warm to touch .This happens when energy is wasted from cylinder. This energy loss is known ‘standing loss’. So to avoid energy waste a cylinder wrap is used. It is a simple way to stop unnecessary heat loss from occurring. Solar Hot Water Cylinder wraps are available in wool and fiberglass. It is easy to install a wrap and takes less than 5 minutes .It is one of the most effective energy efficient measures you can take. There are no health or safety risks associated with the use of hot water cylinder wraps.

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