Ten Secret to Effective Pay-per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-Click (PPC) works fine when the advertising campaign is fully planned and homework is well done. If the advert, landing page, and placement of the ads are not done properly, it would only cost you fortunes but not yield any result. Here’s a list of tips and secrets to make an effective PPC campaign.

Keywords and Adgroups

PPC would require you to have different adgroups that cater to different search result page and different demography. Ideally, you should segregate the keywords so that each adgroup has a separate set of keywords. This way the performance of the ads increases as they cater to specific keywords and not to a crowd of keywords.

Keyword Rich Adword

If you are looking for more popularity and click through rate, you should place appropriate keywords in the adverts as much as possible. In this way, the quality score in the search engines increases.

Performance of the Keywords

If you’ve got the keywords, take a look at the quality score. There are many analytics software which helps in finding the true answer. If the score is low, consider adding, editing, or deleting keywords.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)

Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) in apt places of an advert in a PPC campaign makes the ad more liable to be clicked by the searchers. Here, the exact query placed by the users in the search engines would appear in the ad in bold letters. As a result, users would immediately click on it to find the information they are looking for.


Creating different PPC campaigning elements, such as landing page, adverts, etc for different demographic locations can work wonders for your site. Geo-targeting can be cost-effective yet yield higher conversion rate.

Negative List of Keywords

To increase Click-per-Rate (CPC), increase conversion rate, and get more quality traffic, you should keep a list of negative keywords. By this, your ads would not be showing for search results with that negative keyword.

Landing Page

Consider creating landing page as per the region you want to publish your advert. What should the landing page have? It should ideally answer the question you put through in your advert. As the user would click the advert in order to get information or buy a product, ensure that you put the correct landing page. This page may not be the Home page of the website.

Disabling Content Ads

Adgroups should cater to the search and not for content. This means that traffic interested in search engines are different from those interested in content. PPC ads can be tracked easily through this method.

Many AdCopies

It is necessary to create 3 or 4 adcopies for a particular adgroup. This would help you analyze the best adcopy and why a particular word attracted traffic or drove them away.

Tracking Performance

Ensure that you track the performance of a PPC campaign with different analytics software. Understand the clicks, conversion rate, best keyword that attracted traffic, and so on.

With little hard work and painstaking tracking, PPC campaigns can be successful in raking money and quality traffic.

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