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A DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack takes place when several systems flood the resources or bandwidth of any targeted system. Mostly web servers that host high profile sites, DNS servers and mail servers are the most common targets of such attacks. DDoS attacks unable the servers to their intended users and also badly affect those customers also who might be also using the service of shared network. This result in the loss of revenue and several dissatisfied customers. Due to the increasing DDoS attacks, the IT administrators all over the world have come up with anti DDoS solution for the protection of IT environments. The DDoS solution enables clients in each industry to safeguard their businesses from the DDoS attacks.

What is DDoS Attack?

A DDoS attack is simply an attempt to create a computer resource not available to the intended users. DDoS attacks normally target services or websites hosted on the high profile servers like payment gateways, banks, etc. DDoS attacks are carried out by forcing the target computer systems to reset or absorbing its resources, this will no longer offer its service or block the communication among the users and victim. Whenever the attacker sends information and appeals to the network adapter, then each system in the network will undergo through the effects of the DDoS attack.

Symptoms of DDoS Attacks

There are different symptoms of DDoS attacks that can make you aware of the attack. Slow performance of network which means it takes lots of time to open files or access websites. Another symptom is unavailability of certain website and inability to easily access websites. Sudden increase in amount of the received spam e-mails, this is also considered as an email bomb. DOS attacks can even result into issues in network branches when the actual system is being attacked. If the DOS attack is on large scale, then the particular geographical area of the internet connectivity may be compromised.

Effective Solutions

Anti DDoS solution is available for the protection from DDoS attacks

  • Firewalls are a type of protection which can deny ports, protocols or the IP addresses. They are not much strong to protect against the more developed DOS attacks.
  • Most of the switches have got ACL and rate limiting capability. Some switches offer automatic and system wide traffic shaping, packet inspection, rate limiting, delayed binding and also bogon filtering for detecting and remediating DOS attacks by rate filtering, balancing and wan link failover.
  • Same as switches, routers also have some ACL and rate limiting capability. Most of the routers can easily move under the denial of service attack.
  • IPS or Intrusion Prevention Systems are effective when the attacks have got signatures related with them. An ASIC IPS can find and stop DOS attacks as they have the process power and granularity to understand the attacks and then act in automated way.
  • Rate based intrusion prevention systems analyze the traffic granularly and constantly monitor traffic pattern. It blocks the traffic of DOS attack and allows legitimate flow of traffic.

These are the anti DDoS solution available to prevent such attacks. Do perform a proper research when you search for the right DDoS solution.

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