Auto Accident Injury Attorneys

When an auto accident has occurred in Illinois, time is of the essence. A knowledgeable Illinois injury attorney should be immediately contacted to ensure that the injured person’s rights are promptly protected. It may be necessary to take witness statements, take photographs of the accident scene, or preserve accident evidence before it is destroyed. An Illinois injury attorney with this type of experience helping injured victims across Illinois is vital to receiving proper legal representation.  Such injury attorneys will generally advance all legal costs and will not charge an attorney fee unless a monetary settlement or recovery is made.

Illinois personal injury attorneys assist all clients regardless of the degree of harm. Experienced lawyers also focus their efforts on those accidents involving people who have been killed, severely injured or have suffered catastrophic damages. These auto accident cases and the laws that apply can vary greatly depending of the unique facts of each case. So, one must select a lawyer with a good track record in this area. A qualified Illinois auto injury lawyer can offer aggressive legal representation in the areas of:

* Pedestrian injuries
* Child / infant injuries
* Passenger injuries
* Fatal car wrecks
* SUV rollovers
* Accidents involving car with a truck
* Accidents involving car with a motorcycle
* Accidents involving car with a train
* Head-on collisions
* Drunk driving accidents

An experienced law firm also handles auto accidents in which poor highway design, automobile defects, or defective products, like children’s car seats or tires were involved. Damages that an injured person can claim and recover vary greatly depending on the specifics of each auto accident. In death cases, both a wrongful death claim and survival action claim may be brought. In cases where a drunk driver causes the auto accident, a claim known as “dram shop” may also be brought against the establishment that served the person too much alcohol.

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