Types of Pitching Machines

There are several different types of pitching machines. Of course, all pitching machines help you improve your baseball swing, but each type of pitching machine has a unique function and is optimized for certain use and circumstances. This article discusses the five main types of pitching machines:

1) Baseball pitching machine
2) Softball pitching machine
3) Baseball softball combo pitching machine
4) Lite ball pitching machine
5) Mini lite ball pitching machine

First, there’s the classic baseball pitching machine. It pitches regular leather baseballs, although most pitching machine manufacturers suggest using dimpled pitching machine baseballs instead. Since they don’t have seams, dimpled pitching machine balls can be pitched with more accuracy and do not wear down the pitching machine wheel as quickly. There is a wide variety of baseball pitching machines: some that throw fastballs only, some that can also throw sliders and sinkers, and some that can even throw curve balls.

Next, there’s the softball pitching machine. Most softball pitching machines can throw both 11-inch and 12-inch softballs. Here again, most manufacturers suggest using seamless, dimpled softballs since they can be thrown more accurately and are easier on the pitching machine wheel. Softball pitching machines generally have the same capabilities as baseball pitching machines in terms of pitch types, speed control, and other features. Really, the main difference is simply the size of the ball the pitching machine can throw.

Baseball softball combo pitching machines can obviously throw both sizes of ball: baseballs and softballs (11″ and 12″). The pitching machine has a simple setting where you can specify whether you are inserting baseballs or softballs. The pitching machine is basically built to throw softballs (since they are larger), but when you set it to throw baseballs a simple mechanism compensates for the size difference and enables the pitching machine to throw baseballs instead. Baseball softball combination pitching machines generally cost slightly more than baseball pitching machines and softball pitching machines.

Fourth, there’s the lite ball pitching machines. Lite balls are about the same size as a regular baseball, but they usually weight about one third as much. This makes them ideal for backyard batting practice. You wouldn’t be able to throw a lite ball as fast as you could a regular baseball, but lite ball pitching machines can pitch them just as fast. Many baseball pitching machines are capable of throwing lite balls.

Finally, there’s the mini lite ball pitching machine. Mini lite balls are about the size of a golf ball (approximately a third the size of a baseball) and are (as the name suggests) very light. They can be hit in your garage or even your basement (with enough room). Many baseball players use a mini lite ball pitching machine to improve their form and accuracy. If you can hit a golf-ball-sized ball, you can certainly hit a full-size baseball. Mini lite ball pitching machines are also very inexpensive.

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