Manage Reputations in the Corporate Communications and Public Relations Field

The image and reputation of a company or an individual (such as a politician, athlete, musician, actor, etc.) is essential to that company or person’s success. The field that aims to manage and gain support for clients as well as influence public opinion and behaviour is public relations and corporate communications. The professionals in this field have the important jobs of building awareness and interest as well as serving as spokespersons and managing the flow of information to the public on behalf of their clients. The ability to correctly communicate such key information starts with the right type of hands-on training.

The Corporate Communications and Public Relations post-graduate option at Centennial College is one of the most highly-regarded and leading-edge programs of its kind in Ontario, Canada. If you have strong writing and communication skills and the ability to manage various projects at the same time, you’re an ideal candidate for this program. However, you must also possess an official transcript demonstrating proof of successful completion of a post-secondary diploma or degree program. Applicants will also be required to attend an information session that includes writing and editing exercises and they’ll have to submit a portfolio of writing and a resume. Centennial College’s Corporate Communications and Public Relations program will also consider applicants presenting a combination of partial post-secondary education (two year minimum) and relevant work experience. Communication Skill Training really helps for employees to grow in their career life.

During the intense program, students learn by doing. This hands-on approach readies them for entry into the field and teaches them how to: write media releases and newsletters, produce an event with a team, design releases, conduct press conferences, communicate effectively with the public and the media, and much more. Towards the end of the one-year program, students are placed in a field placement that lasts eight weeks. During this placement they participate as part of a public relations or corporate communications team. Not only do they incorporate everything they have learned, but they will also bring a unique perspective to the company at which they are placed. That’s because the Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Centennial College is one of the rare programs that truly takes into account the new wave of social media (such a blogs, pod casts, etc). This feature ensures that the focus is on employability skills and landing a job after graduation. Communications Training at centennial is the most worthy especially for the new employees of corporate sector.

The fields of corporate communications and public relations are quite complimentary to each other. Corporate communications usually refers to communications within the corporation, such as executive and internal communications, branding, events, advertising, etc. Meanwhile, PR also includes any publicity that would impact the public perception of the client’s image. It is about building and maintaining relationships between your client’s internal and external stakeholders. Some of the typical duties of a communications specialist or public relations representative include: preparing or editing organizational publications (including newsletters, stakeholder reports and press releases), responding to requests for information from the media, establishing and maintaining relationships, arranging public appearances for clients to increase awareness of the product or cause, coaching clients in effective communication, preparing and delivering speeches on the clients’ behalf, managing the PR aspect of a potential crisis situation (for example, a client being arrested) and more. Corporate communications and public relations are clearly exciting fields, where no two days are alike.

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