How to find a knock-out dress

Everyone feels more confident and outgoing when they are wearing something that suits them and feels comfortable. When you need to get dressed up for a special occasion it’s easy to spend hours trawling round the shops trying to find exactly what you want, but with some simple preparation and forethought the whole process can be made a lot easier.

Firstly, consider what type of dresses you like to wear. The dress you need for the special occasion may be very different from what you would wear on an everyday basis, so do some research before you hit the shops and think about the type of shapes and cuts that would suit your body shape the best.

You can also look online to get a good idea of the styles of clothes and dresses available. The advantage of this is that instead of starting to shop with no real idea of what you want (regardless of whether that is online or in your local shopping centre) you will already have a good idea of what you need. This improves your chances of getting just the right dress for you, and it will prevent you from shopping for much longer than is necessary.

Bear in mind that some dresses will be of a more unusual colour, which makes it harder to find shoes to go with them. Consider this aspect of your outfit carefully and don’t fall for buying a wonderful dress when you know you won’t be able to match in a pair of shoes.

Once you have chosen your dress you can think about finishing it off and accentuating it with some accessories such as fashion jewellery. You may already have some pieces in mind but if you don’t, think about the style and design of the dress and look for some jewellery that blends in nicely.

The main rule you need to remember when you are shopping for a big occasion is not to automatically go with what’s in fashion. Think about what suits you instead and what you will feel comfortable and confident in, and focus on those kinds of going out dresses to ensure you get the best result.

Finally, have some kind of budget in mind before you get started. This will save you bags of time as you will automatically go for the type of dress that you can afford.

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