Bringing a Red Belt in Your Wardrobe

A red belt can really be a fun statement for any man. While neutral colors are good for every day wear, a red belt can be perfect for an outfit that needs just a pop of color to dress it up. If you are a man who is fond of wearing belts, then why not try one that offers a little color? Show off your playful side by adding a vibrant colored belt to your wardrobe instead of only staying with neutral colors. Sometimes all your wardrobe needs is just a little color to help brighten up your look and overall feel.

You may want to try a different color belt but are looking for something that doesn’t stand out too much. The Martin Dingman Nicholas Belt from On The Fly and the Baseball Belt from E Sports Online are both canvas with leather tabs. They are perfect for the ultimate casual man. This belt is great for wearing with shorts, jeans and even khaki pants. This look can go both ways as well. You can make it more rugged with cargo shorts or pants along with a plaid button down and a red canvas belt or you can wear the belt with jeans, and a white shirt to keep the look casual but sleek.

Perhaps you are looking for a casual belt that is a bit sportier. The Reebok Elastic Belt from Epic Sports is laid back but brings a little something more to the table. It has a very athletic feel that is perfect for any outdoor activity, whether it is walking or golfing. For someone who is playing sports or who likes to look very athletic, this belt is perfect for him. It’s ultra cool and very fit for any athlete.

Maybe you are the kind of guy that really likes to show off his style and personality through his clothes. You may really want to cause attention to what you are wearing, so having a casual belt may not be for you. The Volcom Straps PVC Belt from Zappos is hip and ultra trendy. If you are looking to have a statement piece, this is it! If you are looking for funky, but without any wild design, the 2 Hole Canvas Red Belt from Hot Buckles is a mighty fine option! It’s fun, and offers something different than the average man’s belt, but it can be worn with a lot.

The next time you are looking for a new belt, why not go all out and purchase something in red. A red belt is stylish, bold and super confident. All of the attributes any man would want to have. So why not try red out for size? Who knows what the possibilities are. The looks can really be endless when it comes to wearing red, so why not give it a shot on your belt! Who knows you may end up wearing it more than your everyday brown or black!

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