Cheap Sunglasses Make Cents!

If you are like me, then many times you find yourself plopping down in your car to drive and you have accidentally sat on your sunglasses. Do you ever throw your sunglasses into your purse then accidentally step on your purse as you drop it on the ground? I love the ever common leaving a pair of sunglasses everywhere you go. If any of these descriptions sound like you, then a pair of cheap sunglasses is a wise investment.

For a traditional pair of sunglasses, pick up the Kirra Jack Black glasses. This design is featured in a slick black frame that molds to your face as if it was designed specifically for you. The dark tint lenses provide 100% UV protection. These glasses are great, if you love them so much, why not buy multiple pairs. At only $9.99, you can definitely afford it. Just in case. These will have you looking as cool as you are! What a great reflection of your personal style!

For a pair of pink sunglasses to reflect your feminine side, the Courtside Dragon glasses are a great buy for only $39.95. The lightweight handcut acetate frame material is beautiful in a light pink see through plastic. The distortion elimination VCG frame is a great element that does not hinder your vision. The cast steel hinge construction is durable and long lasting so you never have to worry about these fabulously pink glasses breaking on you. The shatterproof polycarbonate lens material is a great feature, but try not to put it to the test. Perhaps this great pair of sunglasses will be able to withstand the weight of your body as you sit down on top of them getting into your car!

For another great pair of glasses that are offered at a great price of $39.95, pick up the Spy Factor sunglasses. These glasses are crafted from high quality propionate to ensure a durable long lasting pair of sunglasses for as long as you keep them from harm! The 8 base arc lenses means that these glasses are not framed for your face, but are rather more stylish in nature. These are definitely perfect as a complement to that summer maxi dress rather than that aerodynamic roadbiking ensemble. Pick up these glasses that offer 100% UV protection today!

For a great pair of lenses that will work for either a man or a woman, pick up the Spy Bonneville sunglasses. At $44.95, these are a great choice. These sunglasses are custom built from luxurious propionate with lens bridge interest. The 8 base arc lenses provide face framing comfort while the metal temple details at the frame transition provide high durability and ease in movement. The oversized optical quality hinge will not break on you while and additionally, these sunglasses provide 100% UV protection.

If you love aviators, then the Electric Airheart sunglasses for $69.95 are a great option. A little pricier than the counterparts showcased here, these sunglasses are the picture of glamorous design. These sunglasses are for women, with the rose tinted lenses and slim metal hardware. The 100% UVA and UVB protection these sunglasses provide is a great feature for those who live in super sunny areas. The 8 base wire frame, 8 base polycarbonate lenses and 3 barrel stainless steel optical hinges are just a few of the features these sunglasses offer providing a high quality and durable pair of sunglasses that will withstand your rough treatment!

These top picks in cheap sunglasses are a great way to look stylish without breaking the bank! If you are a infamous sunglasses breaker, then these cheap sunglasses are great choices for you!

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