Types of RCA Cable

The RCA cable is named after Radio Corporation of America which was used for the first time in 1940 to connect phonographs to amplifiers. This cable has three-colored plugs which are connected to three correspondingly colored jacks. They are also called phono jacks or phono plugs. The colors used include red and white for right and left audio channels and yellow for composite video.

The RCA cable is used to connect various audio as well as video devices such as stereos to speakers or camcorders to TVs. The high quality camcorders possess all the three RCA jacks and due to this, the signal entering or going out of the camcorder pass through all the three separate channels thereby, resulting in the best quality transfer. The lower-end camcorders possess only one jack called a stereo jack which combines all the three channels.

There are three types of RCA cables. The first one is Single RCA cable which is used for single audio and video patching. This cable has gold plated tips and possesses protective jackets made up of nylon mesh. The length of this cable is about 3 to 50 feet. The second type is Dual RCA cable which is an unbalanced cable with two pairs of red and white/black or yellow and black connectors. They have gold contact connectors and have spiral braided wires. The length of this type of cable is also 3 to 50 feet. The third type is the Triple RCA cable which is usually used for single-channel composite video and dual channel stereo audio. This type also has gold plated tips and PVC protective jackets. The length of this type is same as that of the other two types.

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