Terms Of Service

Terms of Service for Authors:

  1. First of all, you must agree that Free Articles Online is a free artcile directory for authors and publishers. It means that you will not be paid for your articles that you submit to our directory, irrespective of their number, word count, originality and quality. But submitting your article to our free article directory has still a number of advantages. You can read about them here.
  2. By submitting you article to Free Articles Online free online article directory you agree that you are its original author. You can’t publish any article here that was not written by you. Though you can hire a ghost writer and submit article of other author but only in case you have exclusive rights to do that.
  3. By submitting your articles to Free Articles Online free online article directory, you agree to allow us to publish your article in Free Articles Online free online article directory and other article directories that are our partners. Also we reserve our right to publish your original article in our newsletters and in RSS format for other websites to syndicate.
  4. You should keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your articles will be approved and accepted for publication in our free article directory. We reserve our right either to place you article in our directory, or deny it. Even in case it is included in Free Articles Online, we still can remove it at any time.
  5. While submitting your article you must choose the appropriate category and subcategory for it. If we find the chosen category and subcategory to be inappropriate, we reserve the right to choose a more suitable one and replace your article accordingly.
  6. We don’t accept articles with affiliate links. So by submitting your article to our free online article directory you must not place any affiliate links in the body of your article or in your resource box. You should set up your own domain first and link to it from our article directory if you want to promote your affiliate program.
  7. We reserve our right to place ads on the same page with your article.
  8. We reserve our right to change these terms of service at any time.

Terms of Service for Publishers:

  1. You agree not to change or remove “Article Source: http://submit-article.net/” from any article you choose to publish on your website.
  2. By taking any article from Free Articles Online you must never use it in any form of spam or unsolicited mail.
  3. It is strictly prohibited to sell any article (individually or in a compilation) taken from our free directory without written agreement from the author.
  4. You agree not change, reword, remove, or edit any part of any article taken from our freen article directory.
  5. You agree to keep all hyperlinks of our articles “live” so that users can click on said link and be taken to it’s destination.
  6. You agree to respect the copyright of each particular author whose original articles you want to publish on your website. This concerns but is not limited to any links provided by the author.
  7. You must not publish any articles taken from Free Articles Online on websites that contain any form of illegal content such as porn, hate, abuse, racism, warez, etc.


Free Articles Online is just an online center for authors and publishers to find each other. You agree not to hold Free Articles Online free article directory responsible for the accuracy of any published article. If you have noted someone stealing your original article, please contact us and our team will remove the article in question as soon as it is established that its content is really stolen.

All articles published by Free Articles Online are for informational purposes only and they are by no means used for juristic, social, medical, psychological, or any other type of advice. Please note that Free Articles Online does not endorse any particular author, website, or product mentioned in any articles included in the article directory.