Travel and Lodging in Lindos and Rhodes Island, Greece

The isle of Rhodes—an island paradise that only the Gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, can think of. Some would say that the beauty of the island is so great, that the island can be compared to heaven on earth and leaves the visitor wondering on how such an island like Rhodes was ever conceived.

But, there is one town, located on the island, which is a real gem of a resort town. The name of the resort town is called…Lindos! Yes, Lindos, when it is met through the eyes and ears of a first-time traveler, is like seeing the lost city of shining-white marble and gold—filled with the sounds of a carnival-like atmosphere. This is why Lindos and other resort towns on Rhodes, is flocked with travelers and sightseers all year long and the towns flourish heavily from the tourism they receive. In addition, to helping the town being full of tourism, there are the village’s beaches, taverns, bars, restaurants and historical ruins that are all over the island.

Also, there is swimming in the fine pools of the hotels in Lindos and other parts of the island, or in the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea, to be done. If you are not a water type person, why not sunbathe on the beaches at Lindos and other parts of the island, where you can catch some of the golden sunrays of the Mediterranean sun.

Afterwards, freshen up and shop at the local marketplaces and other places on the island, or relax in one of the villages’ restaurants and bars. If you just want to lie down for a while, in the privacy of your hotel room, there are plenty of hotels and lindos accommodation facilities that you can choose to stay in. The hotels’ rooms and suites provide you with all the comforts of home, including a private telephone, A/C connection, satellite TV and a private bath. Even, if you do not have a big budget, you can afford to rent rooms at most of the hotels in Lindos—even during the peak times for travelers!

With that being said, if you are planning to visit the wonders of Lindos and the other places on Rhodes Island, do not be shy and come on down, where your adventure begins!

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